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Rent A Scooter Tulum

About Our Company

Embark on Tulum adventures with our swift and responsive scooter rental services. We provide reliable and safe scooters, ensuring you can effortlessly explore all that Tulum offers.
Skip the expensive taxis and potential dangers of bicycles, especially after dark. Opt for the best exploration experience by choosing to rent a scooter in Tulum with us.

All Your Questions Answered:

What is the Scooter rental process?

Steps to rent a scooter in Tulum are given below:

Step 1: Contact us on WhatsApp or simply click on the Reserve button

Step 2: Reserve your Scooter

Step 3: Fill out the liability waiver & make your payment/deposit

Step 4: Take your scooter & make the world your oyster!

Can you tell me a bit more about the scooters?

All scooters come with:

Two helmets

(it’s illegal to drive without a helmet) 

Full tank of gas

(must be returned full)

2020 model or newer

Majority of our scooters are 150cc

We have all different colors & types of scooters

Where are you located?

We have locations in Aldea Zama & La Veleta. We provide scooter rental service in all areas of Tulum including el Centro & the beach.

How can I pay for my scooter?

We accept the following:

  • Venmo
  • Paypal
  • Zelle
  • Wise
  • Revolut
  • Cash

You are responsible for any transfer fees.

Do I need to leave my passport or a deposit?

You do not need to leave your passport with us to rent. We will ask for a USD 250 deposit which is fully refundable when you return the scooter.

What is the price to rent a scooter?

The cost of renting a scooter in Tulum is anywhere from USD 13 to USD 45 // 225 pesos to 775 pesos , depending on how many days you rent a scooter.

The season will also make a difference in the price quote. Message us on Whatsapp to receive a quote FAST! Click HERE to message us directly!

**We have a 2 day minimum for rentals**

Can we just show up to pick up a scooter without reserving first?

No, please reserve a scooter first. Please do not just show up to the location.

Do scooters have insurance?

Our scooters have basic insurance.

It does not cover the external damage you cause to the scooter.

It does cover civil liability incurred by the driver who causes material damage to third parties and their property, and/or causes bodily injury or death to third parties other than the occupants or travelers of the insured vehicle.

What if my scooter gets stolen?

In the unfortunate event of scooter theft, our GPS system allows us to track it, reducing your risk and saving you from the need to replace your scooter. How reassuring is that?

** This is something that separates us from our competition!

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